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Showcase your deliverables to clients on a clean, easy to read platform. Free yourself from cumbersome email chains & provide an unified experience for your clients throughout the entire creative process.

23 minutes ago

Sounds good. Alan mentioned that you sent these over. We’ll have a meeting to discuss and get back with you early tomorrow!

30 minutes ago

Take a look at these sketches with your team. These should provide insight into the direction your brand is headed.

19 minutes ago

These look great! Attaching some ideas for how we might improve. When can we discuss?

Converse Clearly - Slingshot replaces emails with context and clarity

It can be tough to have a meaningful conversation about a deliverable via email. Slingshot focuses on making sure your client’s receive the information they need, while still allowing to compare previous deliverables & drive the conversation.

Give clients a clear plan of action via the easy to read timeline feature. Each deliverable shows your clients just how far you’ve advanced in their project & helps keep things moving.

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